Steven Douglas Jewelry

The STEVEN DOUGLAS CO., INC, has been designing and manufacturing Figurative Jewelry, actually "WEARABLE ART" for twenty years. The motivation for the original design is inspired by nature, imagination and the desire to create the best piece of jewelry possible.The second step of actually making the original model is the most time consuming part of the process. Without a perfect model, a perfect piece of finished jewelry is not possible. Perfection comes with the investment of up to eighty hours per model to create.Reproducing the original design is the last step and requires focused and patient craftsmen through the whole process. As many as eight different individuals with specialized talents will be involved and only perfection is permitted through every step. Steven Douglas offers a variety of designs achieving a worldwide reputation for creating jewelry of unsurpassed quality, uniqueness and collectability. It is a time consuming process requiring perfection from a team of artists and craftsmen from the original design to the production of the finished piece.

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