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Diamond Trivia

  • Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth. A diamond is 58 times harder than the next hardest mineral on earth, corundum, from which rubies and sapphires are formed. It was only during the 15th century that it was discovered that the only way to cut diamonds was with other diamonds.

  • Only one diamond in a thousand grow large enough to be cut into a high quality finished diamond weighing 1 carat or more. 80% of the world's diamonds are not suitable for jewelry.

  • The easiest way to spot the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia (other than throwing it into the fire) is to weigh it. Cubic zirconia weigh 55% more than diamonds. Diamonds are virtually fireproof. To burn a diamond, it must be heated to 1292 degrees Fahrenheit. (The typical house fire reaches a temperature of approximately 1100 degrees.)

  • The word "carat" comes from the Carob Mediterranean tree whose seed was used for centuries as the standard of weighing precious stones.

  • Diamond is the birthstone for April and the anniversary gem for the 10th and 60th years of marriage.

  • It is believed that a diamond endows the wearer with courage and fortitude, brings victory and good fortune, wards off evil, protected against the plague and promotes constancy in a marriage.

  • The engagement diamond is worn on the third finger of the left hand because the ancient Egyptians believed that the vein in that finger ran directly to the heart.

  • Diamonds are called "ice" because they rob the body of warmth when touched. In fact after holding a diamond in your hand for a few seconds, when placed on an ice cube, it will actually melt the cube.

  • In their pure state, diamonds are colorless. Blue and red are the rarest colored diamonds. Yellow and brown are the most common colored diamonds.

  • Russia produces the most diamonds by volume. Botswana is first in value of diamonds produced.

  • Even though the U.S. produces almost no diamonds, America buys more than 40% of the world's gem quality diamonds - making it the world's largest diamond market.

  • The Taylor-Burton 69.42 carat pear was cut from a 240.8 carat rough found in 1966. It was sold at auction to Cartier of New York for $1,050,000 and purchased the next day by actor Richard Burton for his wife, at the time, actress Elizabeth Taylor.

  • The largest diamond ever found was the Cullinan at 3,106 carats or 2.8 pounds! Known also as the Star of Africa, it adorns the scepter of King Edward VII of England. The Tower of London is its current home.

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