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What Jewelry Should You Insure?

What Jewelry Should You Insure?
Think about all the jewelry you own. Maybe you only have one high-valuepiece you consider worth insuring, like an engagement ring. The rest might beworth less than $500 apiece. No big deal, right?

We don't claim to be math experts, but that charm bracelet you've beenadding to over the years? That baby could be worth a couple grand by the timeyou complete it.

So, while it may be obvious to protect your diamond earrings or your weddingband, you should consider the worth of your entire jewelry box when decidingwhat to protect ... and what to gamble on.Here are a few examples of not-so-obviouspieces to consider when deciding what jewelry to insure:

Grandma'ssapphire pendant
It's not always about the monetaryvalue. If a piece has high sentimental value, that's a great reason toconsider it as jewelry to insure.Heirloom jewelry often represents precious memories – valueless in anappraisal, but priceless in your heart.

Thatantique find from your first date
Sentiment plays a part in pieceslike this, but there's another factor to consider. Antique jewelry is oftenirreplaceable, literally.If you own apiece of jewelry that can't easily (or affordably) be replicated, that'sa great reason to insure it. (And to make sure you protect it from unexpected hazards.)

Yourset of stackable bracelets
Just like a charm bracelet, the stackable rings and bracelets that are on trend right now can add up in value quite quickly.Just one $100 banglemight not be a big deal, but if you misplace your entire collection of eight?Now we're talking close to a grand. And if you're anything like us, you don'thave an extra $1,000 lying around to replace them.
So, what jewelry should you insure?Ultimately, the debate comes down to risk versus reward. (compliments of Jewelers Mutual)

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