Holiday Shopping for an Engagement Ring in Reno NV

The holiday season is an excellent time to propose to the woman you love. Because emotions run high at this time of year, a holiday proposal can be especially meaningful. Turning to Michael & Son's Jewelry store in Reno NV is the best way to make sure your engagement ring shopping is a pleasant experience that helps you get the positive answer you want. Our Nevada jewelry store carries on a family tradition of excellence.

Engagement Ring Styling Is Crucial

The moment your special woman sees her engagement ring is one that she will remember for the rest of her life. You need a special ring that will stun and impress in the moment and be a piece she can proudly show off through the years ahead. The right style starts with a band choice of white gold, silver, platinum or traditional yellow gold. Her personal style plays a large role in what will impress her the most. For the diamond, we recommend a marquise or cushion shape if she likes vintage things. A round cut is timeless and traditional. If your woman has a bold personality, perhaps a pyramid diamond is best. We can help you decide.

The Four Cs Matter

We're a jeweler that likes our customers to understand the diamond-buying process, so we'll explain the four Cs to you. First, you'll want a cut that reflects light well and has pleasing angles and proportions. Second, a diamond that is free of inclusions offers excellent clarity when examined closely. Third, the best diamonds are nearly colorless, but some stones can be almost yellow. Finally, the weight of a stone is measured in carats. Our team of jewelers can help you find a stone that fits your budget, her tastes and the band design perfectly.

Please visit Michael & Son's Jewelry in Reno NV to shop our amazing range of engagement rings for every kind of bride. We'll treat you like one of the family as you take the first step toward a family of your own.

December 20, 2020 — David Lorenz