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Experienced jewelers can help in a variety of ways when it comes to owning high-quality jewelry. For engagement rings, wedding bands, resizing, modifications and personalized customization, Michael and Son’s Jewelers can provide top of the line service.

Types of Jewelry

While many people associate fine jewelry with wedding bands and engagement rings, there are many items to choose from depending on the occasion. Specific types of stones are available as well as pearls that can be restrung or customized at any time. For the perfect earrings or necklace, timeless, gold and diamond styles are available as well as eclectic and original designs.

Popular Services Offered

Jewelry appraisal is an important factor when purchasing any type of jewelry. For an accurate appraisal, professionals are necessary to evaluate the entire piece.

Jewelry customization is another service that is offered to personalize a piece of jewelry. This can include engraving or creating the perfect band or unique style that is desired for the individual. Replacing stones or creating a new piece of jewelry from an old one can often symbolize a mixture of both the past and future.

Restringing pearls can be done in a timely manner for attending formal events. Pearls are often popular for formal dances, dinners and weddings. Restringing can ensure that pearls are safe and secure when worn.

Gold buying is possible for those who would like to sell gold. Since this can be a very expensive material, even small amounts of gold can be extremely valuable.

Resizing is one of the most popular services jewelers are requested to perform. To create the perfect fit, resizing rings is recommended. This service can be performed for engagement rings as well as custom bands.

Purchasing Jewelry and Gold

There are many styles and items of jewelry available for purchase. Gold and diamonds can be appraised for existing pieces of jewelry as well as customizable options for future pieces of jewelry. For individualized rings, the combination of both gold and diamonds has been a classic style for generations.

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