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LeVian – Savor the extraordinary Le Vian Chocolatier® collections featuring Chocolate Diamonds®, Le Vian®’s international brand of natural fancy color brown diamonds. Le Vian® is the only company in the world to make jewelry with Chocolate Diamonds®.



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Le Vian has been creating captivating jewelry pieces for centuries. During the 1700s, the Persian ruler Nadir Shah bestowed the honor of being in charge of the royal jewels to the Le Vian family due to their reputation of collecting fine jewelry since the 15th century. Today, Le Vian is still one of the most recognizable names in the jewelry industry. When searching jewelry stores for Le Vian in Reno NV, choose Michael and Son’s in Reno NV. Michael and Son’s carries a large number of gorgeous custom Le Vian designs.

Le Vian Jewelry Designs

Le Vian has a love for reinventing classic jewelry designs and putting their own unique spin on them. Each jewelry design from Le Vian is still initially sketched out by hand on pencil and paper. The Le Vian jewelry brand is a fan of single source diamonds as a way to still offer exceptional quality jewelry while keeping costs for the buyer down. Le Vian employs a team of innovative designers who consistently stay on top of the latest jewelry trends. Le Vian estimates more than 100,000 original fine jewelry pieces have been released by the brand throughout the years.

One of their most recent collections feature their trademarked Chocolate Diamonds. These fancy brown diamonds are included in a number of gorgeous jewelry pieces including pendants, drop earrings, and bohemian bracelets. Le Vian has also branched out in recent years to offer luxury timepieces and accessories inspired by their jewelry collections.

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