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Fine jewelry provides a memorable gift to mark an engagement, a wedding, or any other special occasion. Michael and Son’s Jewelers in Reno offers elegant, high quality jewelry and gemstones. We search for premier jewelry to help our clients obtain the best pieces. Take a moment to peruse our inventory. You might discover the perfect item for a loved one.

The Best Wedding Rings

We carry a remarkable selection of the finest gold, platinum, silver, and white gold engagement and wedding bands. Choose premium pieces designed by industry leaders. Our collections include dazzling creations from companies as renowned as Allison Kaufman and Galatea. You won’t regret your decision to shop for a high quality ring from us in Reno.

Finely Cut Diamonds And Gemstones

Our selection of gemstones also delights customers. Whether you seek a shimmering diamond, or brilliant rubies, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, or opals, it makes sense to shop for quality stones from a well established, knowledgeable jeweler. We’ll help you evaluate and compare the different gems used in wedding ring settings so you optimize your investment in premier jewelry.

custom jewelry in reno nv

Custom Jewelry Tailored to Fit Your Needs

The selection of a valuable piece of jewelry remains highly personal. Different individuals prefer works created by specific designers using distinctively faceted stones. For example, we carry a broad selection of lovely diamonds. Our inventory typically includes cushion, square, princess, round, marquise, oval, heart, and pear shaped cuts. The precision of the faceting contributes to the value of these stones. Create a custom fine jewelry piece that perfectly describes who you are.

Your Trusted Local Jeweler

The radiant glow of a glittering diamond encapsulates and reflects light in powerful, compelling ways. Formed over eons in the depths of the Earth, diamonds have charmed and fascinated human beings for centuries. Their brilliance and unfathomable beauty endows these stones with remarkable properties. Choose a premium jeweler to help express love, devotion, and undying passion with our customer service. Visit Michael and Son’s Jewelers in Reno NV soon to search for quality items for yourself or a loved one. Fine diamonds make enduring gifts. Invest in premier jewelry to express your most heartfelt sentiments.


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