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Choosing your wedding bands is an important decision. Don’t shop just anywhere; let Michael & Son’s Jewelers, a leader in jewelry stores in Reno NV help you find the perfect symbol for your marriage.

Where do you begin your search? Start by asking yourselves some important questions.

What Style Wedding Bands Will be Practical?

When looking at wedding bands, be sure to consider your lifestyle. Do you have a job that requires a lot of manual work? Will your wedding ring be banged up a lot? Then you will want to choose a style that will not be damaged.

For instance, people who work in food service can’t worry that a diamond or gemstone will become loose and fall out, so they often opt for a plainer band. But, if you work behind a desk and want a fancier setting, then plenty of glitz may be of more interest.

Then there is your taste. Some people prefer a glitzy wedding band that is a real showstopper. Not your style? That’s okay. The jewelry experts at Michael and Son’s Jewelers have plenty of simpler wedding bands styles to look at.

Do You Want Your Wedding Bands to Match?

Gone are the days when wedding bands had to match. Today’s couples are more individual and independent. They often pick bands that they like, whether they look similar or not. So, think about whether you want your bands to match or not before heading to your favorite jewelry stores to check out what’s in stock.

What Type of Metal Do You Like?

Maybe she adores white and rose gold wedding rings while he prefers a more traditional yellow gold. No problem! The professional staff at Michael’s & Sons Jewelers are experts at matching personal tastes and style with the perfect ring!

Your Choice Made Simple!

When shopping for your wedding bands, check out what Michael and Son’s Jewelers has to offer. With such a vast array of styles in stock, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for!

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