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What makes our shop the premier jewelry store in Reno is that we are so much more than a mere jewelry stand. We are full-fledged jewelers with a wide variety of products and services. Stop by for help with any of the services listed below.

Jewelry Purchases

Jewelry holds such an important place in our culture because of its elegance, style, and charm. Purchasing a piece of jewelry for yourself can boost your self-esteem, while a gift of jewelry will show the recipient just how much you care.

Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases a person makes in their life. It will come to symbolize the eternal bond between two souls. The right ring will set those souls alight.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are among the most important symbolic elements of a marriage. Not only are they essential to the ceremonies on the “big day,” but they go on to represent love and affection for the rest of the couple's lives.

Jewelry Repair

All sorts of jewelry, from rings to bracelets, have a tendency to suffer from accidents. Even the highest quality pieces are not indestructible. Our experienced artisans can get your jewelry back in tip top condition.

Custom Jewelry Creation

If you have an idea of a piece of jewelry you’d like, we can create just what you have in your mind’s eye.

Gold and Diamond Buying

Looking to make a profit from some gold or diamonds in your possession? Come to us for a fair price. Your old jewels will be left in excellent hands.

Pearl Restringing

Pearls have a way of coming unstrung from the chains of their necklaces. That's a problem we're more than happy to fix for you.

Ring Resizings

If your ring doesn't quite fit, we can make it just right for you.


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