One of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a couple is which engagement ring to choose. Getting the right one is a dance between practical concerns like budget and intangible elements like one’s own style. You’ll be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, so it’s important to choose well. When you’re looking for engagement rings in Sparks NV, you want to consider several things. First you want to go to a reputable jeweler. We have the experience you want on your side to help you sift through all the options.

engagement ring to choose

Many couples focus on the choice of metal or size of the stone when looking at engagement rings. However, one often-overlooked element that can make a big difference here is the cut of the ring. There are eleven popular cuts for diamonds. The way your diamond is cut can dramatically affect the stone’s sparkle, apparent size, and overall style. These cuts can fall into four general categories.

Round Cut Diamond

This iconic cut is the most popular one for engagement rings. It offers great versatility and a perfect balance between size and sparkle.

Radiant, Emerald, Cushion, and Asscher Cut Diamond

Here are four cuts with a more geometric look. The Asscher and Cushion maximize sparkle, while Radiant and Emerald cuts reflect back intense flashes of light.

Marquise, Oval, and Pear Cut Diamond

These romantic, rounded styles are perfect for people who want the look of a big stone without the higher price point. They offer excellent sparkle and pair well with vintage inspired settings.

Princess, Heart, and Trillion Cut Diamond

Are you looking for an unusually shaped diamond? These three cuts are rare in today’s market and quite eye-catching. Hearts are perfect for romantics, while the angular designs of Princess and Trillion cuts offer a modern flare to the ring.

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