Do you have silver or rare coins in your possession that you'd like to sell, but you aren't sure of how much they are worth? Wouldn't it be great to have a clear indication of how rare they are? Better yet, wouldn't you love to know their origins? If you bring your exquisite pieces to Michael and Son's Jewelers in Reno, we can assist you with an expert appraisal of coins or jewelry, as well as jewelry and watch repair. We would fairly and accurately determine the value of your jewelry, delivering a quality encounter every time. We accept gemstones, precious metals, or any other antique jewelry. Buying coins is something else we do. There's a big market of coin collectors and sellers. You need to have someone who knows what to look for, and can advise you best of how much those coins are worth, as well as how to spot authenticity, so you get the best product for what you're paying for.

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Rare Coins and Unique Native American Jewelry Wanted

We would love to buy all of your unique Native American jewelry as well. Native American jewelry has been around for awhile, with various tribes creating beautiful designs from colored stones and shells, to be worn on any occasion. There is a creative edge to these extraordinary heirlooms, that shows a diverse culture among very talented and artistic individuals.

We have a great assortment of jewelry as well, crafted designs from the finest gems and metals. Restoration is another part of our services. We can take that which is old, and make it new again, to look like you just bought it. Bring those pieces you thought were not able to be revived, and we can work our magic on them. We are passionate about what we do, and are glad to partner with charities to give back to those that we can help. We care about the communities we serve, and that is evident in everything we do as a company, and as a family. We'd be proud to have your jewelry in the collection that's timeless, and have a wonderful experience at the same time.

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