jewelry services in reno nv

High quality jewelry services go beyond just selling you a ring or necklace. A quality jeweler puts the customer’s needs first, answering any questions that you haves and pointing you towards what you need. Many stores will also offer additional services like jewelry and watch repair.

Jewelry Engravings in Reno RV

Engravings let you personalize an amazing piece of jewelry. You can add heartfelt messages, images, or significant names and dates. Machine engravings also let you choose the font that works best for your personal tastes. Finally, a professional engraving will be easy to read and won’t feel uncomfortable against the skin.

Jewelry Repairs and Watch Repairs

Michael and Son’s Jewelers offers a full jewelry repair service in Reno NV. Our highly skilled artisans stay up to date with the latest technology and techniques. We can repair and restore both vintage pieces and modern designs. If you have a watch that needs service, bring it in. We’re experienced with the craftsmanship required for this job, too.

The Michael and Son’s Jewelers Advantage

At Michael and Son’s Jewelers in Reno NV, we believe in giving customers the complete experience. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality services around. Our jewelry repair technicians are highly trained and can restore your favorite pieces to like-new condition. If you need repair services or are looking for bridal jewelry, come by our store today.

Jewelry repair in Reno NV

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