Gold Buying Near Reno

 Are you considering buying or selling a diamond? Are you unsure of the process? Diamond buying and selling in Reno is easier than ever if you know who to trust. That company is Michael and Son’s Jewelry in Reno, Nevada. Don’t be misled by other companies who don’t want to give you the money you deserve.

Selling Diamonds in Reno

Don’t be fooled by stores that only want your diamonds and gold to resell for cash. Too many stores offer big bucks for diamonds, only to offer the smallest amount they can get away with. Luckily, diamonds are typically worth a lot more than gold, but many consumers are still allowing them to go for next to nothing. If you have any type of diamond jewelry, even if they are loose diamonds, bring them to us. We will evaluate them for free. We can then either purchase them from you for cash, or we will put them up for sale for you on consignment. We do not charge any hidden fees. The diamond will remain your property until the sale is final. We also fully insure all diamonds in our possession. Your diamonds are 100% safe when you leave them with us.

Should I Sell on Consignment?

Many of our customers are worried that their diamond will be switched for a lower quality look-alike if they leave them with a company. Unfortunately, this happens with unscrupulous jewelers, but you don’t ever have to worry about that with us. At Michael and Son’s Jewelry, we use Gemprint technology to secure your diamond. Before you leave the store we use a laser to shoot into the diamond. This captures the reflective fingerprint of the stone, much like a fingerprint of a human. It is totally unique to your particular stone. If you decide you want your diamond back, you can be sure that there was no swapping.

Diamond Buying- We Offer the Best Price

You will know right away how much you will make when you leave your diamond for consignment. We are upfront about all of our prices at Michael and Son’s Jewelers. We can also buy your diamond from you at any time. Stop in today and find out more!


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