There are many ways that you might have ended up with gold and diamond jewelry. You might have old pieces that you purchased yourself but just don't wear anymore, or you might have jewelry that you inherited from a loved one. No matter why you might have old jewelry that you no longer wear, we can buy your unwanted jewelry.

We Understand Jewelry

When selling gold or selling diamond jewelry, don't just head to a local pawn shop or gold buyer. It is best to sell to someone who understands jewelry. After all, this will help you get what your jewelry is truly worth. At Michael and Son's Jewelers, we have a lot of experience in working with different types of gold and diamond jewelry.

We Offer Top Dollar

When selling gold and selling diamond jewelry, you probably want to get as much as possible for your pieces. We will not try to low ball you. We understand the true value of jewelry, and we know that it can sometimes be difficult to get rid of an old piece, even if you don't wear it anymore. We will offer you a fair price for your gold and diamond jewelry, so you can always feel good about selling your pieces to us.

We Offer a Great Jewelry Selection

When selling your old pieces, you may want to take some of the cash to put toward buying new jewelry. We can definitely help you with that. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a simple necklace or just about anything else, we have what you are looking for. You are sure to find a piece that suits your style and budget when you shop at Michael and Son's Jewelers in Reno. If you are hoping to sell your old jewelry, we want to help. Stop by Michael and Son's Jewelers with your old pieces today, and we will be more than happy to take a look at them for you and help you sell your gold with peace of mind.

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