One time, forever; that is what the diamond says. Its very nature speaks exclusivity and endurance. When it is time to seal your heart unto another, let Michael and Son's Jewelers guide you along your way. Finding your forever ring involves more than glancing at a selection and picking the first one that stands out. Choose or design the ring that will best reflect the personality of your union. Let our master craftsmen translate your passion into the spoken engagement ring of your dreams.

double halo princess cut ring

Double Halo Princess Cut Rings for All

Whether your relationship is one that is more scheduled or one that overflows with spontaneity, our double halo princess cut ring delivers the assurance fitting for the occasion. Its captivating center diamond endears the heart and awe of onlookers as its surrounding glamour stones magnify its brilliance. Recognized among the top design choices globally, this piece has a way of reining in the unique essence of your love and devotion.

The craft of forming a rock's look that will communicate the style and desires of your heart for that special, everlasting moment represents more than a time honored tradition for our gemologists. As professional artisans, we love what we do and you will too. We all recognize the importance of serving as that drama free aspect of to create the perfect ring for your momentous event. You will remember visiting here for all the good reasons you hope for as a customer but we also go beyond the act of purchase.

double halo princess cut engagement ring

Trust Michael and Son’s Jewelers for double halo princess cut rings

Join our family of satisfied newlyweds who have come to trust Michael and Son's Jewelers well beyond their most precious day. Every holiday, special occasion and 'just because' moments also find their best expressions through our well crafted pieces of wearable art.

In a day when it is difficult to live up to the honor and commitment that established their family's legacy, you will feel refreshed by the genuine camaraderie and dedication exhibited by the professionals here. Come to our jewelry store in Reno, Nevada and embrace that free floating plunge hand in hand with your chosen and know that it is not a gamble. Let Michael and Son's Jewelers form our double halo princess cut ring into the image of your specific dreams.

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