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A watch should showcase your personality and style. It is a reflection of your tastes. That is why it is so important to choose a watch that tells people who you are at a glance. Michael and Son’s Jewelers is one of the premier jewelry stores in Reno NV and we have a great selection and experts ready to help you make the perfect purchase.

How to Choose Your Perfect Watch in Reno NV

One glance at the vast selection of high-end watches in the Michael and Son’s Jewelers showcase and you will see how important your selection is. From the style of the face to the band, choosing the perfect watch requires thinking about the story you are trying to tell. Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips we like to go over.

  • Buy what grabs your attention; not others. Be sure to choose the style that suits your personality.
  • Make sure your watch fits your lifestyle. If you enjoy a lot of rugged outdoor activities, you’ll want to make sure that your everyday watch can stand up to such rigorous activities.
  • Forget the investment aspect of the watch. Too many people purchase the watch they think will increase in value, only to be left wearing something they really don’t like. Watches are not an investment, they are a style generator. Yes, some watches do increase in value over time, but that should not dictate which one you choose.
  • Go for quality every time. Nothing beats a high-quality watch in both style and durability.

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Choose Your Perfect Watch in Reno NV

Ready for a new watch? Check out what one of the hottest watch stores in Reno NV, Michael and Son’s Jewelers, has to offer. We have lots of styles to match all tastes.

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